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Pastor Darrin's Book

Our mission statement: 'We want to assist believers in Christ to follow authentic biblically theistic truths by challenging our basic understanding of the world and how we are to operate within that world.' Understanding Theism 101 is the first book in the Bibilcal Thinking 101 series. One pastor has ordered a copy for every family in his church, saying that he believes that the book is critically important for people if they hope to understand the world they are trying to reach for Christ. Another reader told us that he purchased a copy for his college-aged children, hoping that the open approach to different ways of thinking might help them to reconnect with their faith. It really is a first step toward making sense of the Christian faith and the world in which we live. Darrin Crow is the Senior Pastor at HEART of Junction, a church in Grand Junction, Colorado. He helped to plant the church in 1998 with a small group of college students. His wife, Stephanie, is an expert in children’s ministries and paddle-boarding. His son Liesen leads worship at HEART of Junction, and his daughter Blythe works with youth and is the founding director of a non-profit in Kenya called She Has A Name ( Darrin has degrees in Leadership Management and Counseling Psychology.

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