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HEART of Junction

Men's Breakfast and City Gates

Our Men’s meetings have two names but are two sides of the same coin.  Men’s breakfast is on the first Saturday of every month at Jeff Cupp’s fire pit at 564 22 1/2 Rd.  Breakfast and coffee are both free and hot.  City Gates is inspired by the ancient Israelite tradition of the older, wiser men of the city spending the day talking any praying at the gates.  Younger men and people with problems, questions, or disputes would come to the City Gates for wisdom.  Our City Gates are in the Fellowship Hall in the church basement on the third Saturday of every month at 10. The coffee is still hot and free, but the donuts are free and cold.

men's breakfast

First Saturday of every month


564 22 1/2 Rd

If you are interested please reach out to:

Pastor Zach

(970) 210-8593

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